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Our members are the foundation of our organization. As a member you make it possible for us to expand learning, elevate voices, and connect people. Each member contributes to our collective power. By joining together, nonprofits in Washington are strong, effective, and heard.

Why join?

  1. You gain opportunities to learn. From conferences to workshops to online courses, membership ensures that we can deliver monthly free webinars, low-cost trainings, and discounts at conferences. Your membership in Washington Nonprofits makes a statement to your donors and partners that you and your organization are invested in learning and growing personally and professionally.
  1. You join a community of nonprofits lifting our voices together to strengthen our sector. Washington Nonprofits is your state association, and members have a place at the table as we advocate for the needs of nonprofits in the philanthropic, public, and private sector.
  1. You save money. Your investment in us allows us to find better deals for you, from cheaper photocopies to discounts on Human Resources services.

Now is a time when we need to come together to understand and shape policy discussions at the state and federal level. We need to invest in our education and that of our board and staff, so that we all have more of what we need to deliver on our mission. We need to steward our resources wisely to weather whatever change may bring.

Washington Nonprofits is not a typical association where membership represents an exchange of money for services. Members are integral to shaping our work. Together we believe that through connection we can create a better future for communities across Washington.

We offer different membership categories with annual dues based on the size of your organization.

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