Washington State Nonprofit Conference – Workshop Request for Proposals Open!

At the 2022 Washington State Nonprofit Conference, we will explore the theme “Discovering a New Way.” The COVID-19 pandemic continues to push us to discover new ways of being and new ways of serving our communities. The pandemic’s path remains uncertain. As nonprofit leaders, we should look ahead with openness to change as well as support and encouragement of each other to try new things. We seek to present a conference that serves both new and seasoned nonprofit leaders. The Conference is guided by the following values: Stories from the field: Learning from the lived experiences of nonprofit leaders across […]

It's time to collaborate more, not less.

It’s time to collaborate more, not less.

By Laurie Wolf and Laura Pierce What does it mean to collaborate right now? This was the question among a team of nonprofit state association CEOs at a recent meeting. As we all leaned into the conversation, Laurie commented, “We need to collaborate now more than ever. But exhaustion in the sector makes it hard to bring our best to the effort.” Let’s unpack that. With all the changes happening in our sector and the opportunities created by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and other federal investments that are underway, this is a time when working together across sectors […]

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How do I know I’m getting reliable nonprofit information online?

Q: I’m trying to submit my annual report, but the website is asking me to pay for an annual subscription. What’s going on? A: We’ve all become more aware of the dangers of misinformation. Unfortunately, the nonprofit sector is not exempt from scams, rumors, and false statements. Below are a few simple ways you can judge a website’s trustworthiness. Check the URL URL stands for Uniform Resource Located, also known as the web address. Look at the address bar at the top of your web browser. Like checking the house number before you ring the doorbell, noticing at the web […]

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Health Insurance Options for Small Nonprofits

Q: We have fewer than 5 employees. How can we provide health insurance benefits for them? A: Many of us have health on our minds. The health insurance market is confusing, so I asked three experts for their advice: Ron SchmidAccount Executive – Employee BenefitsConover Insurance Chris FountasVice President of Client ServicesNonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. Robert RicciardelliRegional HR ConsultantTriNet With pressure on nonprofit staff higher than ever, conscientious organizations are looking for better ways to care for their people. Chris Fountas of Nonstop points out that employer-sponsored health insurance benefits boost recruitment, healthy organizational culture, and employee retention. […]


Are You Ready for 2022 Minimum Wage Changes?

As you prepare your nonprofit’s 2022 budget, have you ensured that all your employees meet the minimum hourly wage as well as the minimum salary threshold for any overtime exempt employees? In Washington state, the minimum wage and minimum salary threshold for overtime exemption rises each year with inflation. Make sure your nonprofit is in compliance by paying your workers above these levels starting January 1, 2022: 2022 State minimum wage: $14.49 per hour (higher for the cities of Seattle and SeaTac) 2022 salary level below which you must pay overtime: Small employers (up to 50 employees): $52,743.60 per year […]