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What’s Happening

  • The Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good creates the space in which nonprofit leaders and volunteers learn, connect, and get inspired. It brings together experts and colleagues from across the region, philanthropy, resource providers, and state agencies to ensure that nonprofits have what they need to succeed. Learn more on the conference website: centralwanonprofitconference.org              
  • The 2019 Washington State Nonprofit Conference will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, and, in looking back and learning forward, will give special attention to connecting the dots, across time, geography, and organizational focus.   Learn more on the conference website: wastatenonprofitconference.org          
  • 2020 Census

    May 25, 2018
    The federal government is currently making preparations for the constitutionally required 2020 Census. With nearly $14 billion in federal funds at stake for Washington State, Washington Nonprofits is calling on Congress to do what it takes to ensure an accurate count in 2020. Read more and watch the video to learn why the census matters what you can do to help ensure an accurate count. Visit www.washingtonnonprofits.org/2020census to read more.


  • This is a story of Skeeter, Hammie, and a place called Happy Pastures. It is also a story about community and how nonprofits weave together services for people in need. Paige Collins serves as the [...]
  • Washington Nonprofits has been hard at work staying on top of the 2019 legislative session. As of writing this, we are coming up on the first major cutoff deadline in the session calendar, in which [...]
  • I keep a creased and faded flip chart page on my wall. At the top it says, “What Could We Do? What Would It Take?” It comes from a November 2017 event at which we [...]
  • Hot off the press: “Conferences That Make a Difference,” co-authored by Washington Nonprofits Associate Director, Nancy Bacon! Do you organize an annual conference? Are you looking to deepen the learning that happens at your conference? [...]
  • 2018 In Review

    January 16, 2019
    January is a time to look back and look ahead.  I’m committed to reflecting with you all, staying informed, and staying nimble to navigate what is ahead.  Here are a few trends to watch: The [...]