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  • House Committee Votes to Politicize Nonprofits—More Action Needed Nonprofit nonpartisanship – protected by the Johnson Amendment – is under imminent threat in Congress. Each of us needs to take action to protect our organizations from [...]
  • Executive Director Laura Pierce hits the road to hear what you need to succeed Your mission matters. Your success matters. That is why Washington Nonprofits is kicking off our 2017-18 strategic planning with a tour [...]
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Advocacy Update – DOL Overtime Rules (Again)

Remember the proposed change in Department of Labor (DOL) overtime rules that we were all preparing to implement last year?  And how it was blocked at the last minute by the courts?  Well, DOL is now revisiting the issue and soliciting public comments regarding the rules.  We encourage nonprofits to submit comments so the rules will be made with nonprofits in mind, not just private companies.  Let them know how changes will impact your ability to deliver on your mission by sharing how an increase in the minimum salary levels would affect operations, resources, and staffing, as well as what […]

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Planning for Action Will Help Your Board Members Forget to Be Forgetful

Originally posted by Nancy Bacon on the BoardSource Blog, Jul 26, 2017 9:45:46 AM Nancy Bacon will be presenting at the 2017 BoardSource Leadership Forum in Seattle, October 19-20. Please consider joining us there. You will remember about 58 percent of this after 20 minutes, 33 percent after a day. That’s according to one study, with other studies showing varying levels of forgetting after you learn new information. The “forgetting curve” plots memory against time with a deep concave decline as soon as information is shared. You will forget most of what you read here in little time at all. I think about forgetting […]

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