Washington Nonprofits makes sure that nonprofits have the access to learning opportunities that help them know what they need to know, strengthen their skills, and build connections with others. We work in partnership with content experts, local partners, and statewide and national partners to deliver nonprofit education that is relevant and innovative.

Our approach is shaped around where and how you prefer to learn.


When you really need to know something, you attend a class on it. Washington Nonprofits delivers high quality trainings on a range of topics in communities across Washington. We work with content experts to make sure the information is current and actionable. We partner with community foundations, United Ways, local nonprofit networks and others to build connections. Our work is funded through partnerships such as the Office of the Secretary of State.

Washington Nonprofits produces two conferences each year.

>> Visit our calendar to find a workshop or conference near you.


A lot of learning happens when you are together with colleagues. You attend a Rotary meeting and learn something from a speaker. You sit through a board meeting with dedicated time for learning on the agenda. You join a professional association or network gathering to share ideas—and sometimes commiserate—with people facing the same issues you are.

Washington Nonprofits provides you with learning tools that can be used in existing meetings. For example, our short videos work well in that 10-15 minutes set aside for learning within a board meeting. Our “Nonprofit Conversations” materials lend themselves to nonprofit network meetings, where you can show a clip of an expert speaking on a topic and use the discussion guide for conversation.

>> Visit our learning website – Washington Nonprofit Institute – to start learning about a wide range of topics. To learn more about how to bring these resources into your meetings, see Nonprofit Conversations on our Washington Nonprofit Institute website.


The last decade has provided technology for you to learn when the timing is right for you. Maybe you need a refresher on how to read a balance sheet or ideas on what you can do to get your board to raise more money. Washington Nonprofits curates and creates videos and supporting materials to help you learn online when you need to. Our partnership with MindEdge means that you can take a course in a wide range of topics.

>> Explore the MindEdge course catalog to see what you can start learning today. Visit our learning website – Washington Nonprofit Institute – to start learning about a wide range of topics.