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Census season is upon us. And, there is a lot at stake! The Census takes place once every 10 years. It determines how tax dollars are spent, who get roads, schools, and services, and who is represented in government. The census is happening now in the midst of COVID-19. So, it is important to encourage people to self-respond by internet or phone to complete the Census. Every person that does not complete the Census is $2100 per year lost in funding for communities.

Washington Nonprofits Census Program Associate Kendell Tylee talks about the unique role nonprofits play in the Census and how you can help your constituents get counted today!

Curious about how many people in your community have responded to the Census? Check out this live map of self-response rates.

Download the Response Rate Challenge Toolkit and have a friendly competition about who can get the highest Census turnout.

Your Family Matters census poster
One of the many free posters available for your nonprofit.

Native Americans are the most undercounted in the nation. The following video was created by Spokane CCC to explain the importance of the Census.


Find resources to share the importance of the census in your community.

Find resources pertinent to COVID-19 as well as social media resources to share your message digitally. 

Download the Stakeholder Toolkit.

Below, the Tacoma Refugee Choir sings “Be Counted,” which was written and created to promote participation in the 2020 Census by all communities.

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