Member Spotlight: Ocean Shores Food Bank – Listening to volunteers, a nonprofit’s secret strength

June 14, 2019 Julia Hunter

Like many nonprofits, the Ocean Shores Food Bank (OSFB) is an all volunteer run organization. Volunteers handle every task, from stocking shelves to assisting clients to raising money and awareness. It wasn’t on their list of tasks to create a literacy program, but when volunteers found books at the bottom of a food collection bin a year and a half ago, that’s exactly what they did. The Books for Kids program is one example of how an idea from volunteers turned into an innovative way for the food bank to operate. That program has now expanded to providing books for […]


A Day in Washington, DC!

June 14, 2019 Tom Lang

David Streeter and Tom Lang went to DC last week for lobbying, networking, and learning. Read on to learn about their experiences at the 2019 National Council of Nonprofits Lobby Day and ConFab: The Content Strategy Conference! David Streeter, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy, at Lobby Day 2019 Before the Confab started, I headed to Capitol Hill for two days of lobbying. Going to Capitol Hill is my favorite part of advocacy work. I truly love wandering the halls of Congress and taking it all in. It’s a humbling and exciting experience, even for someone like me who has […]


New Rule May Affect Who Gets Overtime Pay

June 11, 2019 David Streeter

Washington State’s Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has issued it’s official overtime pay proposal. In short, L&I is proposing to raise the overtime pay threshold (the minimum below which employees must be paid overtime for over 40 hours of work in a week) to 2.5x the minimum wage by 2026. This equates to a threshold annual salary of over $70,000. We know many nonprofits will be affected by this proposed rule, so we are committed to keeping you informed and we encourage you to provide input during the next round of hearings. The new threshold will be phased in beginning in July […]


Member Spotlight: Youth Services of Kittitas County – Mentoring as a way to transform your world

May 13, 2019 Julia Hunter

Burnout in the nonprofit sector is a trending topic these days. Best selling books have been written about it, self-care is a popular keynote topic at nonprofit conferences, and many nonprofit professionals feel it. In Ellensburg, WA, the nonprofit organization Youth Services of Kittitas County is demonstrating how their emphasis on the power of mentoring can be a tool to address the challenge of burnout in the nonprofit sector. Youth Services of Kittitas County has been operating in their region since 1969—50 years of providing services to the community. In 2013 they revamped their outreach and created a formal mentoring […]

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What a day we had in Yakima!

May 13, 2019 Nancy Bacon

More than 275 people gathered in Yakima for the Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good on April 24, 2019. People came from Okanagan to Walla Walla counties, from Aberdeen to Spokane. They made their way to Yakima to learn, connect, and be inspired. Washington Nonprofits proudly partnered with Northwest Harvest and NPIP to create one conference at which a wide array of people with different interests could come together. Keynote speaker Akaya Windwood kicked off the day with a high impact session on leadership. As one attendee put it, she focused on making us human again, helping us to […]


Applying an Equity Lens to Washington Nonprofits

April 15, 2019 Laura Pierce

The leadership of Washington Nonprofits cares deeply about racial equity and is working to embody our values better within our own organization and support efforts to create a more equitable nonprofit sector.   We recently engaged a consultant to conduct an equity audit of Washington Nonprofits, and our board and staff gathered last Friday to discuss the results.  I’d like to especially thank our partners who took the time to participate in the assessment by providing input via our consultant.  We are grateful for your generosity in helping us learn and grow. At our retreat, we discussed some of the ways […]


New Advocacy Toolkit Launch: Build a Movement (BAM!)

April 15, 2019 Nancy Bacon

Knowledge is power, and nonprofits certainly have a lot of knowledge. The trick is to get that knowledge to the people who need it to make good policy decisions. How can a nonprofit communicate what they know to policymakers? How can they use advocacy to grow their mission? Washington Nonprofits has launched a new resource to help nonprofits use policy to achieve their goals. Build a Movement: Tools to Use Public Policy to Achieve Your Nonprofit’s Mission uses the metaphor of a house to explain the ways to engage advocacy in the life of your organization. There is Everyday Advocacy, […]


Announcing More Amazing Workshops at Washington State Nonprofit Conference

April 15, 2019 Laura Pierce

We are pleased to announce our two curated tracks at the Washington State Nonprofit Conference.  This year, we’ll have a track on Strengthening Democracy and a series of Powerful Conversations in addition to all the other amazing offerings you have already heard about. A strong democracy depends on civic engagement and public service.  With participation in civic activities on the decline, nonprofits have a special role to play in developing leaders and encouraging all community members to lift their voices.  This year, we have a series of workshops highlighting our role in organizing our communities, giving them a voice in […]


Member Spotlight: Helping Link – Supporting an Immigrant Community with ESL and iPads

April 10, 2019 Julia Hunter

When you move to a new country with a different language, you take an ESL (English as a Second Language) class. But where do you sign up for a class that teaches the new language of culture? This is when a nonprofit organization that knows the languages and community involved can make a huge impact. Generations of comprehensive support Helping Link, or Một Dấu Nối, was originally created to serve the waves of Vietnamese refugees resettling in Washington State under the Humanitarian Program for Former Political Detainees. Twenty-five years later, they have a thriving inter-generational, cross-cultural community. The key to […]