Member Spotlight: Bellingham Bay Community Boating Center – Capsizing Assumptions and Removing Barriers

October 17, 2018 Julia Hunter

   This summer the Bellingham Bay Community Boating Center challenged the status quo of how they offer services and risked disrupting their revenue stream. And it was a huge success. Their Free Tuesday Night Paddle Series offered a no-cost, one-hour paddle on Bellingham Bay. They decided to remove financial barriers to outdoor recreation and wanted to see who would come if they offered access to paddling for free. They were amazed to see more than 1,500 people who came for family-friendly, safe experience on the water, expanding the Boating Center’s understanding of the community they serve. What made the Free […]

Action Alerts

October Public Policy Update: Opportunities to Comment on Overtime Pay and Public Charge Criteria

October 16, 2018 David Streeter

With the election just weeks away, there is plenty of action on the public policy front for your organization to consider. Read on to learn more. Index (Scroll Down for the Items) November 14 Public Policy Advisory Call Washington State Overtime Pay Rule Making Federal Public Charge Rule Making Election 2018 Resources Advocacy Tip: Why and How to Comment on Proposed Federal Regulations 2018 Re-Wire Public Policy Conference Registration Discount November 14 Public Policy Advisory Call Washington Nonprofits will be hosting its next Public Policy Advisory Call on November 14, 2018. During the call, we will be discussing key issues […]

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Trump Administration Posts Public Charge Proposal: Comment Before Dec. 10

October 15, 2018 David Streeter

The Trump Administration officially posted its proposed “public charge” rule for public comments. If your nonprofit serves immigrants and/or their families, then this policy issue matters to you. Read on to learn more and how to comment.  Under current laws, certain immigrants are deemed a “public charge” only if they meet a very narrow set of criteria. This allows many non-citizen individuals — and their citizen children and/or relatives — to use support services without jeopardizing their immigration status.  However, the Trump Administration is proposing to expand the “public charge” criteria to include key programs that touch many facets of nonprofit work. The […]


Webinars designed for learning

October 11, 2018 Nancy Bacon

If you recently joined Washington Nonprofits webinar, you may have noticed a difference in our emails. Every summer, the Washington Nonprofits learning team takes stock of the past year. We reflect on what we learned and imagine solutions to chronic challenges. Always working to deepen the transfer of learning to action within our programs, we think about what more we can do to support the implementation of the ideas we share in our webinars. This summer, we asked ourselves four questions: How can we increase the open rates of emails related to webinars? How can we increase the attendance at […]

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Overtime Pay Draft Rules Released: Comment By October 26th

October 8, 2018 David Streeter

Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries is engaged in rulemaking intended to expand overtime pay to workers in our state. This afternoon, the department issued its pre-draft overtime pay rules, which are available for review and comment here. Two key items in the draft include: The current draft lists a salary range pegged at 1.5x-3x Washington State’s minimum wage ($37,440 per year-$74,880 per year) as the salary exemption threshold. The Department wants input from employers as to what the salary exemption threshold should be, so be sure to analyze what the different salary levels would mean for your organization. The Department […]

Action Alerts

Overtime Pay Comment Sessions Coming to a City Near You

October 1, 2018 David Streeter

As you may know, Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries is engaged in rulemaking that will likely expand overtime pay to workers in our state. As part of the rulemaking process the Department will be holding public feedback sessions throughout the state. If a session is coming to your area, mark you calendar. It is important for the Department to hear nonprofit voices and concerns during this phase of the rulemaking so that the final rules are workable for nonprofits. Because of this, we recommend that a representative from your organization participate and share your organization’s views on the pre-draft […]


Next Steps in Network Leadership

September 26, 2018 Nancy Bacon

Veni, Vidi, Vici. Eat, Pray, Love. Learn, Connect, Act. Three is a magic number in more than just Schoolhouse Rock. Three is the number of times Washington Nonprofits has created the space to talk about collaboration in Central Washington. At a time when nonprofit leaders are stressed out yet eager to make a difference, we want to make sure they have every resource possible to succeed, including the chance to map a pathway forward in partnership with colleagues across their community. On November 2, teams of nonprofit leaders will come together in Yakima to take action on the key lessons […]


Partial Self-Insurance for Large Nonprofits

September 26, 2018 Laura Pierce

  We know you are concerned about insurance. As your state association, we’ve been looking for good options. Washington Nonprofits is proud to announce our partnership with Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. Nonstop is a mission-driven benefit adviser that is changing the way healthcare is delivered to nonprofits in Washington with its partially self-insured health insurance program, Nonstop Wellness. Designed for nonprofits with more than 50 employees on health benefits, Nonstop Wellness provides access to a long-term healthcare solution that reduces annual premium spend while eliminating or reducing out-of-pocket expenses for employees. With Nonstop Wellness, nonprofits in Washington can […]

Policy Updates

Is Your Nonprofit Ready for the 2018 Election?

September 24, 2018 David Streeter

Election Day is approaching quickly. Is your nonprofit ready? Nonprofit clients are often among the groups least likely to vote, and often feel disconnected from government for many reasons. Engaging them, along with your board and staff, in the election can help bridge that disconnect by helping them understand and feel that they have a voice in our democracy. The easiest item for your nonprofit to do is remind people to vote. Ballots will be mailed out on October 19th, but it’s not too early to start encouraging folks to commit to voting and make a plan for completing their ballot. […]


Member Spotlight: Mid-Columbia Arts Fundraiser – Collaboration Lifts All

September 19, 2018 Julia Hunter

If you live in the Mid-Columbia area, you might be looking forward to buying your tickets for the 4th Annual Mid-Columbia Arts Fundraiser. What a great way to support four organizations with one ticket: the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers, Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre, Mid-Columbia Symphony, and Mid-Columbia Ballet. At a time when organizations suffer from event fatigue and express concern about donor competition, these four organizations have come together to create one fundraiser: a multi-talented, arts-packed evening of entertainment around a theme. The 3rd Annual Mid-Columbia Arts Fundraiser brought the “fab four” together for a Beatles themed night, to great acclaim. They raised […]