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Health Insurance Options for Small Nonprofits

Q: We have fewer than 5 employees. How can we provide health insurance benefits for them? A: Many of us have health on our minds. The health insurance market is confusing, so I asked three experts for their advice: Ron SchmidAccount Executive – Employee BenefitsConover Insurance Chris FountasVice President of Client ServicesNonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. Robert RicciardelliRegional HR ConsultantTriNet With pressure on nonprofit staff higher than ever, conscientious organizations are looking for better ways to care for their people. Chris Fountas of Nonstop points out that employer-sponsored health insurance benefits boost recruitment, healthy organizational culture, and employee retention. […]


Are You Ready for 2022 Minimum Wage Changes?

As you prepare your nonprofit’s 2022 budget, have you ensured that all your employees meet the minimum hourly wage as well as the minimum salary threshold for any overtime exempt employees? In Washington state, the minimum wage and minimum salary threshold for overtime exemption rises each year with inflation. Make sure your nonprofit is in compliance by paying your workers above these levels starting January 1, 2022: 2022 State minimum wage: $14.49 per hour (higher for the cities of Seattle and SeaTac) 2022 salary level below which you must pay overtime: Small employers (up to 50 employees): $52,743.60 per year […]

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Return to Work?

We know that reopening is on your mind, and we want to continue to provide useful resources to guide your decisions. In June we hosted a Return to Work webinar and wrote a Washington State Reopens blogpost, which still have relevant information. Now, we are pleased to share two new tools: our Safety & Health in Nonprofits COVID-19 Workplace Safety Checklist and COVID-19 Workplace Safety Sample Policy. We hope these tools help your nonprofit assess your readiness for workers, clients, and visitors to return to the workplace as well as support your organization in creating a COVID-19 safety policy that […]


Free Coaching for Executive Directors

The Community Consulting Project (CCP) is accepting clients for executive coaching services. The coaches are all experienced practitioners who can help you navigate and lead through this unprecedented time. The coach and client will negotiate the frequency of the sessions based on mutual needs and expectations. Are you thinking about requesting a coach through CCP? And perhaps wondering what kinds of areas are typically addressed in a coaching relationship? CCP has offered coaching in three sessions: 2018, 2019, and a shortened opportunity in response to the pandemic in 2020. Over that time we have worked with EDs from across Washington State, rural […]

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How Do We Recruit More Diverse Candidates?

Q: We have a unique job posting and are looking to broaden our reach. Any insights or recommendations for outlets to post to would be greatly appreciated. A: Washington Nonprofits recently hired for several positions. We wanted to broaden our reach and recruit diverse candidates. With that intention in mind, we published job postings in community-based publications around Washington state. We ran ads in Black Lens News, The Fig Tree, and South Seattle Emerald. Community-specific publications can be great ways to reach candidates from diverse populations and show your support for their community. Abby Engers, writing for Mac’s List, encourages […]


Three Simple Tips for a More Accessible Online Presence

As disability awareness increases, communicators are working hard to understand how to make online content more accessible. As a communicator who is just beginning to understand the importance of making content accessible and how to do it well, I can tell you that this is a journey that requires intention, time, thoughtfulness, and resources. While it’s not something you can do well across all your platforms in a day, there are some simple things that you can do now, to build a more inclusive online presence. Here are three accessibility practices you can start using today: 1. Use CamelCase Hashtags […]