New Federal Overtime Pay Rules Beginning January 1, 2020

September 26, 2019 David Streeter

The U.S. Department of Labor released its new overtime pay threshold that takes effect January 1, 2020. The new salary threshold is raised to $684 per week/ $35,568 per year. What This Means: Employees earning less than the threshold must be paid time and a half overtime pay for each hour worked beyond 40 hours in a week. This change applies to all employers beginning January 1, 2020, regardless of size or field of service. How to Comply: Review the Department of Labor’s webpage about the new threshold. The website contains fact sheets, FAQ, and a compliance guide for small […]


Member Spotlight: Community Enrichment for Klickitat County – Strength in Fiscal Sponsorship

September 11, 2019 Laura Pierce

Fiscal sponsorship is a process where a number of worthy community projects can exist under a single nonprofit umbrella, removing the pressure to found and maintain an independent nonprofit in order to do good work in the community. This strategy can be especially effective in rural areas. Community Enrichment for Klickitat County (CEKC, pronounced “Seek”) was formed by a group of local leaders who came together during the Horizons leadership program of WSU Extension from 2006-2008. Horizons was a two-year deep dive into community leadership that trained new leaders and surfaced community assets and goals in nine high-poverty communities in […]


What does Action Learning have to do with DEI?

September 10, 2019 Nancy Bacon

by Aparna Rae and Jessica Walker Beaumont, Partners – Moving Beyond Diversity, inclusion, belonging, and at times equity, have been hot topics across both the private and social sectors. Alongside the rise of DEI as a field, we’ve seen a growing number of public scandals at big names in the private sector such as Uber, Microsoft, and in philanthropy. Despite the surge in conversation and budgets being allocated to training, unrepresented groups continue to feel marginalized, and bias at work undermines the ability of people of color to rise into leadership roles. In the private sector, a continued lack of […]


Equity and Your Nonprofit

September 10, 2019 Nancy Bacon

Spokane series offered in conjunction with Ijeoma Oluo presentation By Gabriel Cruden, Program Manager – Eastern Region In her bestselling book So You Want to Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo describes racism as, “a prejudice against someone based on race, when those prejudices are reinforced by systems of power.” In the nonprofit sector we are constantly navigating systems of power in order to gain and direct resources to meet acute needs in our communities. The better we can understand these systems, the better we can address issues of inequity and injustice and change the systems that maintain them. With the […]


Five Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Nonprofit’s Accounting Year End

September 6, 2019 Nancy Bacon

Guest post by Julleen Snyder, Partner, Jacobson Jarvis For the past five years, we have partnered with Jacobson Jarvis to help board members learn what they need to know about nonprofit finance. As you can see in this guest post, Jacobson Jarvis connects you with practical information and tools so you can focus on your mission. Join Washington Nonprofits and Jacobson Jarvis for Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits online on October 30 or in person on October 1 in Everett or October 31 in Bellevue. Our Quickbooks class will run in Seattle on December 5 and online on December 10-12. When […]


New law prohibits asking about a job applicant’s salary history

September 3, 2019 David Streeter

As of July 28, 2019, there is a Washington State law that affects all nonprofits with employees. Governor Jay Inslee signed a new law that prohibits employers from asking job applicants about their salary history until after a job offer with a salary or wage has been made. Additionally, employers with 15 or more employees must provide external and internal applicants for jobs with a specific wage or salary upon request. Make sure your nonprofit does not ask applicants about salary history, as it is now illegal. Why this Law Matters: This law is an important step to closing the gender pay gap. […]


New Nonprofit Network in northeast Washington!

August 14, 2019 Nancy Bacon

Nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers in the northeast corner of the state were eager to learn more and to collaborate locally after attending a training in the spring, led by Nancy Bacon, Washington Nonprofits Associate Director. In response, Washington Nonprofits is convening the first in a series of network meetings for the region, starting Sept. 10 in Newport, Washington. “For this kick-off network meeting, we will do an exercise to identify some of the more acute needs that nonprofits in the region currently have,” said Gabriel Cruden, eastern region program manager for Washington Nonprofits. “This will help inform future […]


Member Spotlight: Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho – Membership in a Time of Civic Decline

August 13, 2019 Guest Blogger

Let’s talk about membership. Membership organizations, like churches, fraternities, and other civic clubs, have seen decreases in member numbers over the last three decades. Research points to technology, mass media, changing family structure, and urban sprawl to explain this decline. Whatever the reason, only a quarter of Americans volunteered in 2015 and membership organizations are suffering as a result.  Brian Newberry, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho (GSEWNI), talks about how they are dealing with membership in the time of civic decline. Traditionally the Girl Scouts require participation from the whole family. This level of […]

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Upcoming Learning Calendar

August 12, 2019 Tom Lang

We have so many workshops and webinars planned for the 2019-2020 learning year, where do we begin?! Starting in September, join us for a Fall of Fundraising – five online courses conveniently curated and bundled together for you. Digital fundraising, in-person fundraising events, grantwriting, strategy, year-end appeal letters – we’ll touch on nearly every aspect of the fundraising process. Want more? Check out the two-day virtual fundraising conference for small development shops. We’re bringing Boards in Gear, Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits, and Let’s Go Legal to cities across the state. Want to take all three courses? Join the Next Level […]