Nonprofits are at the heart of every community across our state. With 30,808 charitable nonprofit organizations in Washington, nonprofits are at the heart of our recovery from COVID-19. Because of this, nonprofits must be included in relief and recovery funding.

Recovery from COVID-19 will require economic, social, mental and physical health, developmental, and cultural rebuilding. Nonprofits are at the heart of our communities and will be a key part of the solution. Nonprofits must be including in recovery planning and funding.

The undersigned organizations call on our elected officials to include nonprofit organizations as a central part of COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts.

Ensure that emergency grant and loan programs are accessible to nonprofits.

Funding must be directed to nonprofits and accessible to smaller community organizations.

Support “frontline” nonprofit service providers.

Increasing emergency funding and access to personal protective equipment (PPE), hazard pay, and mental health services.

Include nonprofit leaders at decision- making tables.

We know our communities and can contribute to lasting solutions.

Expand charitable giving incentives.

Stimulate private philanthropy in support of recovery.

Protect self-insured nonprofits.

Fund 100% of these organizations’ unemployment claims.