Washington Nonprofits works in partnership with other membership or partner-inspired organizations who share an interest in nonprofit capacity building and advocacy. We believe that our collaborations strengthen the nonprofits we both serve. Together we are able to amplify the voices of nonprofits with others in the sector.

Current Membership Partners

Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County
League of Women Voters of Washington
Nonprofit Network of SW Washington
Northwest Harvest
Pride Foundation
Renton Area Chamber of Commerce – Renton Area Nonprofits Unite
Resolution Washington
United Ways of the Pacific Northwest
Washington Food Coalition
Washington Main Street Program
Washington Museum Association (WaMA)
Washington Healthcare Access Alliance
Washington State Community Action Partnership
Washington State Farmers Market Association
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network
Youth Development Executives of King County

For more information about how your organization can become a Membership Partner, please contact Julia Hunter, Membership Manager.

How to Register for Membership using a Partner Discount Code

If you are a current member of any of our Membership Partners above and would like to receive 25% off your Washington Nonprofits membership:

  • Contact one of our Membership Partners listed above and request the Washington Nonprofits membership discount code.
  • Use this link to join as a member or send in this downloadable invoice (PDF) to our office.
  • If you are a renewing member, contact us for your direct link to your online renewal form or send in the invoice to our office.
Join as a Member of a Membership Partner