Washington Nonprofits is here to support nonprofits seeking ARPA funding as well as advocating on your behalf with state and local government (see Resources for Government Partners to learn more about our advocacy for inclusive priority-setting and effective funding distribution).

The resources below, along with upcoming educational workshops, will help you decide whether to apply for ARPA funding available via federal grants, state or local government grants and contracts.  We cannot guarantee that our listings of available funding will be comprehensive, so we list places where you can do additional grants research as well.

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Learn more about Washington Nonprofits's ten funding principles for ARPA in Washington.


Here we will list the ARPA grants available to nonprofits in Washington that we are aware of. This list will include both federal grants but also state and county level grants as they become available. If you are a funder, please share your funding opportunity with us so we can help spread the word.

Selected Washington State & Local ARPA Grants

More information coming soon!

Thurston Strong Grants for Thurston County Nonprofits Coming Soon

These are a list of grants we are aware of. If you are aware of grants that should be included in this list, please let us know!



Washington Nonprofits has resources available on grant writing and we will be extending these to include additional resources to support grant writing around ARPA in the state of Washington. These will include:

Washington Nonprofits Resources

Other Resources

Partnership stories - learn about how nonprofits and government have worked to support communities in Washington.

General information

Additional COVID-19 Funding

Where ARPA Funding is Going in the Washington State Budget

Amounts are listed in millions. These allocations are based on the National Conference of State Legislatures data tables.

To access this chart on mobile, please use this link.