Washington State Reopens

On June 30, Governor Inslee announced the economic reopening of Washington state.  As most businesses return to pre-pandemic capacity and operations, each nonprofit organization will need to make decisions about how to reopen and what if any restrictions to keep in place to ensure safety for employees, clients, and customers. Reopening does not mean that employers no longer have responsibility for following state safety guidelines related to COVID-19. The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries has issued excellent updated summary guidance in its L&I Requirements and Guidance for Preventing COVID-19.  Here are a few highlights that pertain to many […]

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June 2021 Connector

              Welcome to your June 2021 Connector – the Washington Nonprofits monthly e-newsletter. In this edition: Adventures in Compensation Learning Log – The Ethical Rainmaker Podcast Nonprofit Slack Community Nonprofit FAQ: E-Filing IRS Form 990 Communicating with Pronouns and more! Click HERE to read the full June 2021 Connector.  


GiveBIG Demonstrates the Benefits of Shifting to Online Giving and Virtual Events

Online giving advances equity and diversity In Washington, GiveBIG now reaches donors across the state, with nearly a third of the donors and 25% of the participating nonprofits outside King County.  This year GiveBIG raised $17.6 million in online donations, DAF/IRA donations, nonprofits’ matching funds, sponsorships, in-kind media contributions, and employer matching gifts. Nearly 72,000 donations were made to 1,644 nonprofits in Washington.  The jump to virtual events and online giving during COVID will yield long-term fundraising benefits. Online giving promotes equitable access to funding and reaches more diverse donors.  Online giving and peer-to-peer fundraising are a boon to rural […]

Philanthropy & Social Innovation, Aspen Institute. Opening the 990: Information and tools for driving impact. Mandatory 990 e-filing: an introduction

E-Filing IRS Form 990

Q: Help! It’s tax season and our nonprofit is e-filing with the IRS for the first time. What do we do? A: Thanks to the pandemic, many nonprofits have filed for an extension to complete their 990s for 2020.* Most nonprofits are now required to file their 990 annual tax form electronically (for fiscal years ending after July 2020). If you mailed in a paper form last year, you likely received a letter from the IRS informing you of this change. Small organizations may file the 990-EZ or the Form 990-N, Electronic Notice (also known as the Postcard). 990-EZ filers […]


Adventures in Compensation

How do nonprofits decide how much to pay their employees? This question is frequently asked of us, and there is not one clear answer. In fact, Washington Nonprofits has struggled to determine what is fair compensation for our staff. Going into 2021, we decided to do some work to determine if our team was being paid livable and competitive wages. Here are a few of the things we learned. […]