Action Alerts

Advocacy Update: Nonprofit Nonpartisanship Preserved in Federal Spending Bill

March 22, 2018 David Streeter

Last night, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees released their omnibus spending bill to keep the government funded for the remainder of the fiscal year, which ends September 30, 2018. Absent from the 2,200+ page spending bill is a provision that would have repealed or weakend the Johnson Amendment, the part of the Internal Revenue Code that requires tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to be nonpartisan. This is a significant victory for nonprofit organizations. Your advocacy helped make the difference! Thank you to everyone who took action to preserve the Johnson Amendment. Your phone calls, emails, and tweets to Congress made […]

Policy Updates

Congress Threatening WA DISCLOSE Act with Johnson Amendment Repeal Effort

March 19, 2018 David Streeter

Click here to download the press release as a pdf. Want to take action? Click here to learn what you can do. SEATTLE, WA- Washington Nonprofits, Washington State’s nonprofit association, reacted today to Governor Inslee’s signing of the DISCLOSE Act. “The DISCLOSE ACT is designed to enhance transparency and accountability in our state’s elections and we look forward to partnering with state government to ensure that nonprofits know how to comply with the new law,” said Washington Nonprofits Executive Director Laura Pierce. “Ironically, certain congressional leaders are currently threatening these same principles through their ongoing effort to restrict or repeal […]

Policy Updates

March Public Policy Update: Johnson Amendment Under Threat; Legislative Session Recap

March 15, 2018 David Streeter

It’s only March, but there have been many state and federal public policy developments relevant to the nonprofit sector. Below are key issues for your nonprofit organization to be aware of: Johnson Amendment Under Threat as Congress Races Toward March 23rd Deadline The Capitol Hill newspaper POLITICO is reporting that an anti-Johnson Amendment rider is one of the last contentious policy issues still on the table in the congressional negotiations over an omnibus spending bill that must be enacted in the coming days to avoid a federal government shutdown. It is imperative that all people who cherish nonprofit nonpartisanship tell […]


Member Spotlight: NPIP – Taking care of nonprofits by creating stability

March 15, 2018 Julia Hunter

Nonprofits need insurance to protect their people and assets. The Non Profit Insurance Program (NPIP) has been expanding access to insurance in Washington State for over a decade. Sarah McDonnell, Director of NPIP, is excited to share a new service offered through NPIP’s administrator, Clear Risk Solutions: low cost Director’s and Officer’s (D&O) Insurance for small nonprofits. NPIP, through its administrator Clear Risk Solutions, has partnered with a carrier that can provide low cost D&O coverage. Contact your local agent or Vanessa Brown at Clear Risk Solutions’ Underwriting Department at 800-407-2027 or to get your quote today. NPIP’s Origins and […]


Introducing “Now What?”

March 14, 2018 Nancy Bacon

We nonprofit people face the ebb and flow of good and bad fortune. Our ability to achieve our mission is not always up to us. The stars align—or don’t – and things happen that we need to respond to. The Washington Nonprofits Learning team, in partnership with Three Choices Communications, has developed a new game designed to encourage conversations about risk and strategy. “Now What?” came out of conversations about the positive and negative things that can happen while starting a nonprofit. It evolved into a set of cards suitable for play at any stage of an organization. How do […]


D & O Insurance for Small Nonprofits

March 13, 2018 Nancy Bacon

Are you a new or small nonprofit that has never carried insurance? Do you wish you could get Directors & Officer’s (D&O) insurance to cover your board and executive, but you haven’t been able to find an affordable policy? Washington Nonprofits and the Nonprofit Insurance Program (NPIP) have talked about the dilemma of smaller nonprofits who can’t afford this step for some time. We are now pleased to share information about an affordable option that could be a fit for you. The Non Profit Insurance Program (NPIP), through its administrator, Clear Risk Solutions, has partnered with a carrier that can […]


Daylong “Tools for Running Effective Nonprofits” starts March 10 in Long Beach

March 7, 2018 Nancy Bacon

Small, grassroots nonprofits tell us that they wish we had something on Saturday for board members who work. We know that staff members new to nonprofits need a chance to get the overview on how nonprofits work, from boards to budgets.  We want to make sure that nonprofit leaders in parts of the state without a lot of learning opportunities get what they need to succeed. “Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit” will be offered in Long Beach, Mount Vernon, Prosser, Moses Lake, and Tacoma this spring. We think about the content of the workshop as being what is involved […]


Washington State Nonprofit Conference on May 16!

March 6, 2018 Nancy Bacon

The 2018 Washington State Nonprofit Conference is the only annual statewide gathering for nonprofit people. Take a day away from your desk to see your challenges from another perspective, meet nonprofit leaders from across the state, and visualize how you can lead the change for a better nonprofit sector. May 16 in Bellevue, Washington. Pre-conference tracks on May 15. Read more here. Here is a sneak peak at our conference program! 


Train the Trainer series launches on April 4

March 6, 2018 Nancy Bacon

Strong nonprofits are vital to healthy communities. To stay strong, nonprofit leaders need opportunities to learn new skills and integrate new ideas into their daily practice. Those who teach nonprofit leaders need to be skilled instructors as much as content experts. That is why Washington Nonprofits has made excellence in training a priority within its learning program. Train the Trainer is designed for consultants and learning staff in the nonprofit and public sector who want to strengthen their training practice. Over the course of three sessions, we will cover how to train, tips and tools for increased engagement, and how to […]