Policy Updates

What Do Washington State’s New Overtime Pay Rules Mean for Nonprofits?

Employees, including those working for nonprofits, who earn salaries under this threshold must earn overtime for any hours worked over 40 in one week. I know this change presents a challenge to most of us, particularly outside the Seattle metropolitan area. We face rising labor costs and funding levels that are not keeping pace. On the positive side, this could move us toward better compensation in the sector and less burnout. […]

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Online Trainings and Events

Washington Nonprofits is committed to providing access to high quality learning for our colleagues across Washington. Each year we organize OVER 150 ONLINE COURSES, designed to deliver practical skills and tools on key topics, such as nonprofit board, finance, legal basics, and fundraising.   12/1: Partnerships and Sustainability 12/1 – 12/3: QuickBooks for Nonprofits – 3-PART SERIES 12/2: One River Nonprofit Network meeting 12/3: Washington Nonprofits Policy Advisory Call 12/3: Legal Resources for Rural Nonprofits 12/8: Executive Director Coffee Hour 12/8 (online): Ferry & Stevens County Nonprofit Network meeting 12/10: Transformational Capacity Building 12/18: Models of Volunteer Management 1/11: Spokane […]