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E-Filing IRS Form 990

Q: Help! It’s tax season and our nonprofit is e-filing with the IRS for the first time. What do we do? A: Thanks to the pandemic, many nonprofits have filed for an extension to complete their 990s for 2020.* Most nonprofits are now required to file their 990 annual tax form electronically (for fiscal years ending after July 2020). If you mailed in a paper form last year, you likely received a letter from the IRS informing you of this change. Small organizations may file the 990-EZ or the Form 990-N, Electronic Notice (also known as the Postcard). 990-EZ filers […]


Are you keeping up with changing wage rates and HR compliance requirements?

Minimum wage and overtime threshold levels now rise with inflation every year in Washington state. Make sure you are complying by paying your staff above these levels starting on January 1, 2021: 2021 State minimum wage:  $13.69 per hour (higher for the cities of Seattle and SeaTac) Salary level below which you must pay overtime:   Small employers (up to 50 employees):  $42,713 per year Large employers (51+): $49,832 per year While you are at it, be sure you post an updated copy of “Your Rights as a Worker” poster in an area where your employees can read it.  If your staff are […]


COVID-19 and Your Nonprofit Finances

COVID-19 and Your Nonprofit Finances “We need help to understand our financial picture, determine what federal programs to apply for, and generally work on our financial sustainability.” This is what we are hearing from all kinds of nonprofits right now. In the short run, here are links to a few resources that we have a lot of faith in. We will add to this page as we hear of new resources. The Nonprofit Finance Fund is a national organization focused on financial sustainability for nonprofits. They are offering a series of free webinars about navigating through the current crisis conditions. […]


Five Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Nonprofit’s Accounting Year End

Guest post by Julleen Snyder, Partner, Jacobson Jarvis For the past five years, we have partnered with Jacobson Jarvis to help board members learn what they need to know about nonprofit finance. As you can see in this guest post, Jacobson Jarvis connects you with practical information and tools so you can focus on your mission. Join Washington Nonprofits and Jacobson Jarvis for Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits online on October 30 or in person on October 1 in Everett or October 31 in Bellevue. Our Quickbooks class will run in Seattle on December 5 and online on December 10-12. When […]


It’s Budget Season. Are You Accounting for the Right Things?

The Overhead Myth: The idea that you can reasonably evaluate a nonprofit’s performance and trustworthiness by only looking at how much they spend (or don’t spend) on overhead, including operating costs, administrative expenses and technology costs. No doubt you’ve heard about this, and like many good nonprofit leaders, have done your best to refute it. It’s dubbed a myth for good reason. Yet most nonprofits feel pressured to do as much as possible with as little as possible when it comes to running their organization. The Overhead Myth still exists, and donors still scrutinize nonprofits, wondering what percentage of their […]

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4 Best Practices for An Amazing Giving Tuesday

The end (of the fiscal year) is nigh; Giving Tuesday is upon us. Well, not quite. You still have some time to make a great plan for the nationwide giving bonanza that will take place on Tuesday, November 28. Planning a successful giving day isn’t rocket science – but it is a microcosm of many classic principles of fundraising, from online giving to events to capital campaigns. You probably already know all the reasons why you should invest in digital ads on social media platforms, pre-schedule your tweets, and solicit and leverage a matching gift for Giving Tuesday. But there […]

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Online Trainings and Events

Washington Nonprofits is committed to providing access to high quality learning for our colleagues across Washington. Each year we organize OVER 150 ONLINE COURSES, designed to deliver practical skills and tools on key topics, such as nonprofit board, finance, legal basics, and fundraising. 8/16 – 10/18: The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint 9/9: Kittitas Nonprofit Network Meeting 9/9: Rural Nonprofits Gathering 9/13: Northeast WA Combined Nonprofit Network Meeting 9/14: Central Washington Nonprofit Network Lunch & Learn 9/16 – 9/30: The Accountable Nonprofit: 3-part online series 9/21 – 10/5: Get Ready for ARPA Funding: 3-part online series 9/22: Washington Nonprofits Member Orientation […]