Washington Nonprofits works with focus to achieve its mission. We are pleased to share key documents that explain our strategy and the results we achieve.

Strategic Plan

Launched in 2018, Washington Nonprofits’ strategic plan shares our Equity Statement and outlines our seven major goals for the next three years:

Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Learning & Networks
Goal 2: Public Policy Advocacy
Goal 3: Collaboration
Goal 4: Communications
Goal 5: Financial Strength
Goal 6: Organizational Health
Goal 7: Monitoring our Progress

Click on the image to download the report.

2018 Annual Report

The word that best describes Washington Nonprofits in 2018 is “momentum.”

Our presence in Olympia and DC grew, our learning program continued to be a “leader in learning,” and our membership expanded to reach more nonprofits. Click on the image to download the report.

Learning Strategy

Nonprofits staff and volunteers need to know a lot to serve their communities.

Washington Nonprofits delivers a learning program that address barriers and provides support so people can take action. Our learning strategy is based on adult learning principles and research of the nonprofit sector in Washington. Click on the image to download the report