Washington Nonprofits, the state association for all nonprofits, is governed by a board of nonprofit, private and public leaders from communities across Washington state. Our board members are passionate about the value of a strong, vibrant and diverse nonprofit sector.

Washington Nonprofits is currently recruiting board members to begin service in April 2021. Our current emphasis is on maintaining geographic diversity, adding racial and ethnic diversity, adding people from fields of service not currently represented, and ensuring rural representation. 

If you are interested in board or committee service, please express your interest by sending an email to laura@washingtonnonprofits.org.

This year’s board and staff retreat was held virtually in April.

Board Member Position Profile – Fall 2020

Established in 2010, Washington Nonprofits (WN) has become a dynamic organization, recognized across the state and nationally for successfully carrying out its mission to build a strong, collaborative network of nonprofits serving Washington communities through advocacy, education, and capacity building. Working with local partners, WN has sponsored statewide and regional conferences, established a learning program that crosses the state, and developed a public policy program that includes direct advocacy, applied research and sector promotion. Programs and services have grown along with the organization’s membership. In 2019, nonprofit conferences held in Bellevue and Yakima attracted well over 1000 total participants and 145 training events served over 8,000 participants from Grays Harbor to Colville. In the first half of 2020, we took our conferences virtual with approximately 650 total participants and offered many new webinars and convenings to help nonprofits adapt during the pandemic. We also mobilized nonprofits to get out the count for the 2020 Census.

During this period, the organization’s annual budget has grown to over $1.2 million, with a staff of nine. Support for WN’s work comes from private foundations, the Washington State Office of the Secretary of State, conference and workshop fees, business sponsors and our over 700 members.

During its first years, Washington Nonprofits has established itself as a truly statewide organization, gained recognition from the National Council of Nonprofits, and created the infrastructure to support future growth. Having emerged from this initial period of grounding and growing, Washington Nonprofits is increasing its impact. Over the past two years, our focus has been on strengthening our advocacy presence, amplifying our members’ voices and influence, and providing the tools that nonprofits need to succeed.

Board Member Summary

Washington Nonprofits seeks board members who bring a powerful combination of visionary leadership, social networks, nonprofit experience, and business savvy to help us grow to the next level of organizational and sector-level excellence. Board members will work closely and collaboratively with WN’s Executive Director
( E D ) , staff, fellow volunteers and partners to advance the nonprofit sector in Washington State. The Board along with its ED will shape and communicate the vision and strategic direction of WN, acquires resources equal to its vision, and ensure that the organization is well managed and accountable to the membership.

WN is a network organization, highly dependent on a wide array of partners to accomplish its work. The board is instrumental in developing and maintaining relationships along with its staff. Board members should be committed to growing our membership.

Board members are instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of WN as it moves from a start-up to an influential player in nonprofit, government and philanthropic circles. An understanding of the strengths and needs of the nonprofit sector is required, as well as an openness to ongoing learning from our members and partners. We believe that a diverse board that brings multiple perspectives and life experiences is essential to good governance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Equity: Ensure equity is an organizational priority to ‘recognize and eliminate systemic racism and marginalization and to promote inclusion and antiracist practices.’
  • Strategy development: Along with the ED, develop and implement a strategy to grow WN and achieve our mission of a strong nonprofit sector where “nonprofits have what they need to succeed.”
  • Program oversight: setting the vision and strategic direction of the organization and monitoring our progress
  • Executive alliance: Support and evaluate the CEO and foster a healthy organizational culture.
  • Fundraising: Board members are expected to make an annual monetary contribution to the organization at a level they deem meaningful. Board members should encourage nonprofits to become members. Board members can support staff efforts to solicit funds from a variety of sources and ensure that the organization has the resources to accomplish its work.
  • Financial review: Ensure maintenance of sound financial records, operation within budgetary constraints and compliance with legal and regulatory standards
  • Service: Board members are initially elected to serve a two-year term and may serve up to three consecutive terms. Board members are expected to: o Attend board meetings (up to 3 in person and up to 6 by teleconference per year) and attend an annual in-person board retreat. As a statewide association, some board meetings will require travel. Board members may request reimbursement for all travel and lodging costs.
    • Participate in various ad hoc projects and/or serve on one or more committees.
    • Advocate for WN and promote its programs and activities. Participate in WN’s events and advocacy campaigns as appropriate to their time and availability.
    • Join Washington Nonprofits and/or advocate that nonprofits you are affiliated with become members.

Profile of the Successful Candidate

The successful candidate will be an inspiring volunteer who is able to represent the organization and work well with a wide range of partners while also building a strong board and staff team and a healthy organization. We are committed to have a board that represents the racial, cultural, age and geographic diversity of our state, and invite candidates from the public, private and nonprofit sectors. As of fall 2020, we are particularly seeking to add people of color, men, young professionals, and rural residents. We also would like to add regional representation from Central Washington and the Olympic Peninsula. We are seeking candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Deep knowledge and/or passion for the nonprofit sector in Washington state
  • Collaborative leadership style
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity & brings an equity lens to the work of the board
  • Highly trustworthy
  • Philanthropic and oriented to service
  • Ability to travel statewide for up to three meeting per year (travel, lodging and other costs that may create barriers to participation, such as childcare, can be paid by the organization.)

In addition, we are seeking to add the following skill sets to our board:

  • Experience in public policy advocacy
  • Experience working for equity and social justice
  • Willingness to help us connect with new partners and invite other to join our organization
  • Financial management expertise
  • Legal expertise
  • Marketing and communications expertise, including facility with social media