In 2016, Washington Nonprofits advanced its mission of making sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed in the public policy environment.


In 2016, over a thousand bills were introduced into the Washington State Legislature, some of which challenged the health and sustainability of nonprofits. Washington Nonprofits tracked every bill to ensure that our sector stays protected.


Washington Nonprofits successfully defended the nonprofit sector from a multi-pronged effort to subject many nonprofits to the Public Records Act(PRA)–a law that was designed to apply only to governments.

  • Helped defeat legislation that would have subjected nonprofits to the PRA.
  • Filed an “amicus brief” to the State Supreme Court on a case that would have subjected nonprofits to the PRA. The court ruled unanimously in favor of our position!


Collectively, the services that nonprofits provide are broad, deep, and incredibly effective. Nonprofits are an economic engine that produces 236,000 jobs and pays out billions in wages every year. Nonprofit board members are the “tribal elders” that guide our communities. Nonprofit volunteer efforts, valued at $5 billion per year, are the embodiment of civic engagement.

We make sure that policymakers understand the value of nonprofits.


  • Held a nonprofit legislative reception at the Governor’s mansion with over 120 participants.
  • Published a jobs and wage report showing the economic power of nonprofits for each county.
  • Created the “Washington Index” to promote partnership opportunities on the toughest problems faced by communities.
  • As part of “Nonprofit Impact Month”, published over 200 twitter-sized stories with photos of nonprofit impact and sent them to state and local policy-makers.


Nonprofits routinely provide services addressing the toughest issues within a community. Washington Nonprofits is a champion for cross-sector collaboration and advocates for tools such as open data, flexible funding, and smarter accountability to help our sector work as equal partners with state and local governments. We also support local impact networks as a structure for providing wrap-around health, education, and social services.


  • Convened a Cross-Sector Summit attended by over 80 participants representing Washington nonprofits, state government, and local governments.
  • Support three local impact networks in Spokane, Kitsap, and Thurston counties.
  • Maintain active relationships with the Governor’s Office to ensure that nonprofits are represented on state policy and budget issues.