The U.S. Census is conducted every 10 years to count every person residing within the United States. The next Census will be taking place in 2020, and it is critical that nonprofits help “get out the count.”

Why Does the Census Matter?

Federal, state, and local governments use Census data to determine how tax dollars and other resources are allocated.

  • Washington State receives approximately $13.7 billion in federal funds for a variety of human service, community development, and health programs.
    • Each missed household in the census count costs Washington State approximately $4,800 in federal funds.
  • The Washington State Legislature allocates approximately $200 million in state funds for programs based off of census data.
  • Local governments use census data to determine where development should take place and how local dollars should be spent.

Nonprofit organizations use census data to plan and target their services.

  • The data collected shows geographic areas that are underserved, which gives data that informs service delivery.
  • The data collected and published by the Census Bureau is also used to inform grant proposals and other projects designed to raise the quality of life in our communities.

The Census also determines how political boundaries are drawn.

  • The data collected helps inform Washington State’s Redistricting Committee’s work to ensure that legislative districts are drawn fairly so that communities are represented in Olympia and Washington, DC.

When is the Census?

The next Census will be conducted from March-May 2020. In March, each household in the United States will receive a letter from the Census Bureau with online participation instructions. April 1 is National Census Day, so start thinking of ways for your nonprofit to help facilitate responses. Beginning in May, Census workers will go to door to door to count households that did not self-report. The count will be finalized by December 31, 2020.

What Can Your Nonprofit Do?

To help get ready for the 2020 count, your nonprofit can: