Partial Self-Insurance for Large Nonprofits


We know you are concerned about insurance. As your state association, we’ve been looking for good options. Washington Nonprofits is proud to announce our partnership with Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. Nonstop is a mission-driven benefit adviser that is changing the way healthcare is delivered to nonprofits in Washington with its partially self-insured health insurance program, Nonstop Wellness.

Designed for nonprofits with more than 50 employees on health benefits, Nonstop Wellness provides access to a long-term healthcare solution that reduces annual premium spend while eliminating or reducing out-of-pocket expenses for employees. With Nonstop Wellness, nonprofits in Washington can now effectively challenge the high premiums and cost-shifting trends commonly associated with traditional health insurance plans.

Download a complimentary nonprofit executive’s white paper to see how partial self-insurance can provide savings on annual premiums, eliminate or reduce employee out-of-pocket expenses, and increase recruitment and retention of top talent.

Inside, you’ll learn: 

  • The benefits and savings of partial self-insurance
  • Solutions for nonprofit organizations facing challenging health insurance renewals
  • Key identifiers to know if your nonprofit is a candidate for partial self-insurance

Download the guide

Join the conversation to hear how Nonstop rejects rising employer costs and deteriorating benefits for employees. You can also email Danielle Ledford, Vice President of Sales at Nonstop, any time to schedule an introductory meeting to Nonstop Wellness.

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