Our state legislators and Congressional delegation need to hear from nonprofits. Join us as we work to organize 100 visits between nonprofits and their elected officials during the month of February. We’ll provide support, a script and everything you need to have a successful visit.  Your participation ensures that your representatives hear your story and know how they can act to keep the nonprofit sector healthy.  

It’s never been easier to visit your legislator—you’ll talk via Zoom or the telephone, and most visits last just 20-30 minutes. Since we can’t roam the halls of the Capitol building this session speaking up on your behalf, or host our annual Nonprofit Legislative Reception at the Governor’s Mansion, please work with us to speak up directly!

Our materials are designed to make your job easy. Please check out each block below for step-by-step guides, best practices, and key messages to use with your Legislator.

We also have a number of materials ready for you to use covering the role of nonprofits in Washington and how many of our subsections help build and support our communities. Please check out all the materials from our Nonprofits – Vital to Recovery campaign!