Washington Nonprofits produces learning events (workshops and webinars, among other learning opportunities) in partnership with other organizations and individuals. Some of these partners are nonprofit organizations or community groups, others are companies or consultants who seek to share information about their products through educational events. Workshops often involve a local partner that hosts and helps to promote the event and “content expert” partners who deliver the training.

Washington Nonprofits uses these standards to guide collaborations around its educational events:


Washington Nonprofits presents high quality content delivered by experienced trainers and content experts. Webinar content must be vetted in other educational venues (e.g., conferences, in-person trainings) and should include a Powerpoint reviewed in advance by Washington Nonprofits staff.


Washington Nonprofits does not partner on events with a primary purpose of marketing a product or service. The marketing purpose of educational events must come secondary to the educational purpose and comprise of 4% or less of the total presentation time (no more than 2 minutes out of a 60 minute webinar, for example). People disconnect and complain later.


Washington Nonprofits values partnership and integrates this value into its branding. Washington Nonprofits learning events in partnership with others foregrounds local partners and places other partners on par with Washington Nonprofits (e.g., “Washington Nonprofits and Partner present”). Partners are expected to reciprocate, promoting Washington Nonprofits as a key partner in the event.


Washington Nonprofits provides resources with its events in order for participants to have something tangible upon which to reflect on their practice. The materials provided by speakers remain their materials. Washington Nonprofits will request permission to use these materials outside of the presentation for which they were offered. Materials are usually sent out with confirmation, provided as attachments or planted on the Washington Nonprofits website in the case of large files. Materials can also be planted on the website of the presenter. They may be branded by the partner.


Washington Nonprofits records all webinars and holds the rights to share them with nonprofits in the future. Speakers likewise may have the recording and may use it for their purposes, e.g., marketing, blog posts, etc.


Washington Nonprofits protects lists of participants because participants do not want their information shared. Washington Nonprofits follows the following list policies:

  • Local/nonprofit partners: Washington Nonprofits owns the list and shares it with partners as
  • For-profit partner where we register: Washington Nonprofits owns the list and does not share the list. Partner can promote their organization in these ways:
    • Brand the presentation
    • Invite participants to contact them via the evaluation survey
    • Plant resources on their website to drive participants to their website
  • For-profit partner where they register: Washington Nonprofits asks that partners do not contact participants beyond the event. Washington Nonprofits enforces an opt-in policy (participants may opt in to services; we assume that they opt out unless they take action). Washington Nonprofits receives the list of

Please contact Washington Nonprofits with any questions.