Washington Nonprofits is excited to announce a new benefit for our members.

  • Are you an executive director who would appreciate the opportunity to talk with someone about what is happening in your organization?
  • Are you ready to lead change efforts but feel alone in your role?
  • Are you facing new challenges or recurrent problems, recognizing that you could use an outside perspective?
  • Need someone to be a supportive sounding board or coach?

The Community Consulting Partnership is offering pro bono individual ED coaching with one of their experienced consultants to a limited number of Washington Nonprofits members. The coaching can be delivered remotely via Skype or telephone for leaders outside King County. As organization development practitioners, CCP consultants are best equipped to help you diagnose organizational issues, puzzle through group dynamics and lead change. They are not necessarily the right people to answer technical questions about running a nonprofits or address personnel issues.

Here is a recent comment from an executive director working with two experienced CCP practitioners:

“One thing I realized is the social isolation of this job. Just being able to say a few worries or processing moments helped me hear another perspective and even realize I am moving forward well. Being an ED, you do not always get that supportive feedback.”

What is Community Consulting Partnership?

We are a dedicated group of volunteers from the nonprofit and organization development worlds united in our efforts to strengthen Seattle nonprofits. Since 1996, we have paired over 500 volunteer consultants with more than 75 client organizations. Together they have addressed real-world challenges facing nonprofit organizations.

  • We are an all-volunteer effort that is fueled by a spirit of generosity.
  • Our mission integrates service to nonprofit organizations with opportunities for community volunteers to learn.
  • Our consultation rests on a collaborative consulting model that keeps the needs of the client organization at its center.
  • Experienced practitioners support and guide the work of volunteers.

You may find out more about CCP by visiting our website at www.ccpseattle.org.

How to request coaching

Interested Washington Nonprofits members should send an email explaining a little about why you are interested in receiving CCP coaching to Pat Vivian at patvivian71@gmail.com. She will speak with you to better understand your goals and match you with a coach if there is a good match available.