Democracy Portal: Voting

League of Women Voters of Washington (LWV WA) is a nonprofit partner of Washington Nonprofits to encourage a vibrant democracy.

The LWV envisions a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge, and the confidence to participate by empowering voters and defending democracy. To connect with LWV WA:
Phone: (206) 622-8961
Toll Free: (800) 419-2596


How to register to vote,  in person or on-line.

Download the Registration tips and hints sheet (PDF).

Download LWV pledge cards (PDF) to get people to vote. is a partner organization with the following additional resources:

Voter Participation Starter Kit for Nonprofits (28 pp)

Nonprofits, Voting & Elections Guide (20 pp)

Nonprofit Voting Resources (3 pp)

Staying Nonpartisan: Permissible Election Activities Checklist (2 pp)

How to fill out a ballot in Washington State

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