D & O Insurance for Small Nonprofits

Are you a new or small nonprofit that has never carried insurance? Do you wish you could get Directors & Officer’s (D&O) insurance to cover your board and executive, but you haven’t been able to find an affordable policy? Washington Nonprofits and the Nonprofit Insurance Program (NPIP) have talked about the dilemma of smaller nonprofits who can’t afford this step for some time. We are now pleased to share information about an affordable option that could be a fit for you.

The Non Profit Insurance Program (NPIP), through its administrator, Clear Risk Solutions, has partnered with a carrier that can provide the D&O coverage you may be looking for. The application process is quick, easy, and provides affordable coverage. Contact your local agent or the Clear Risk Solutions office directly to obtain a quote. NPIP is excited to connect you with this opportunity and looks forward to working with you as an NPIP member into the future. As your mission-critical work continues, the need for more comprehensive coverage will arise, and NPIP aims to be the solution for your risk transfer and risk management needs.

Contact for a quote
Vanessa Brown, Underwriting Department, Clear Risk Solutions
Phone: 800-407-2027

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