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Help Prevent the Next Federal Government Shutdown

February 5, 2019 David Streeter

The 35-day federal government shutdown caused widespread disruptions in the lives of millions of people. Fortunately, our nonprofits were there to address problems, maintain well-being, and help communities. However, we also understand that the effects of the shutdown will be with us for some time, and many people and organizations will not recover soon.  The threat of another shutdown is very real. Unless federal elected officials can negotiate an agreement by February 15, then the disruptions and harm caused before will be compounded by yet another shutdown.  Washington Nonprofits, in collaboration with organizations across the country, has a very clear […]

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How to Help End the Government Shutdown

January 25, 2019 David Streeter

With the federal government shutdown stretching beyond 30 days, the impact on our communities is significant. Some nonprofits are experiencing increased demand for services, delayed funds for programs or projects, or clients losing benefits. Supports like food stamps and Section 8 vouchers are at risk as the pipeline of funding runs dry. I probably don’t have to tell you that most nonprofits do not have substantial reserves that would allow them to continue to operate for an extended period without the payments they receive from federal sources. There are two ways you can help end the shutdown: tell your story and […]

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New Year, New Policy Environment

January 14, 2019 David Streeter

Welcome to 2019! We’re only half way through January and there are already key developments and challenges impacting nonprofits at the federal and state government levels.  At the federal level, Democrats re-took control of the House of Representatives, leaving the federal government divided between the Democratic-led House and Republican-led Senate and White House. Currently, the federal government is shut down due to lawmakers’ inability to compromise on a funding package at the end of 2018. As of writing this, it is uncertain when the shut down will end. We know that federal workers and nonprofits across our country are impacted […]

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Action Alert: Tell Congress to Repeal New Nonprofit Transit Tax

December 10, 2018 David Streeter

Repeal of New Nonprofit Transportation Tax Is Possible — But Members of Congress Need to Hear from Nonprofits Now! Leaders in Washington, DC representing charitable, religious, and philanthropic organizations have convinced most lawmakers that the new 21-percent unrelated business income tax (UBIT) on nonprofits for transportation benefits expenses, like transit passes and parking, should be repealed. Indeed, even the House tax-writing committee chair who put this new unfair and burdensome tax into the 2017 law is now saying it ought to be eliminated. BUT, that’s not enough. Your Representatives and Senators need to hear from you and other nonprofits – immediately – if […]

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ACTION ALERT: Significant change to labor law under review

November 26, 2018 David Streeter

Do you have salaried staff making under $70,000 per year?  The state is proposing a change that affects how you do business.  Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries released a new draft proposal that could make any employee earning under $70,200 per year entitled to overtime pay. Read on to learn more. Additionally, please make sure to share this with your nonprofit’s finance and budgeting staff. According to the Department’s latest pre-draft overtime pay rules, Washington State’s overtime pay exemption threshold could be set at 2X or 2.5X the state minimum wage beginning January 1, 2020. This effectively means the […]

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New Overtime Pay Rules May Be Coming in 2019

November 14, 2018 David Streeter

Remember when the Obama administration proposed a rule that people making less than $47,500 per year had to be paid overtime? That rule got held up in court and never implemented, but now Washington State is considering raising the state overtime threshold.  If this change goes through, it will affect many nonprofit employees. Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries is currently conducting rulemaking to expand overtime pay to more workers in our state. The proposed changes have the potential to impact your nonprofit’s services and employees, so now is the time to start planning for changes. There are two […]

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Overtime Pay Listening Sessions Coming to Seattle, Yakima, and Vancouver

November 7, 2018 David Streeter

Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries is engaged in rulemaking intended to expand overtime pay to workers in our state. There are two important items for consideration in the latest pre-draft rules: The current draft lists a salary range pegged at 1.5x-3x Washington State’s minimum wage ($37,440 per year-$74,880 per year) as the salary exemption threshold. The Department is proposing changes to the duty criteria for exempting an employee from overtime pay. Washington Nonprofits submitted comments to the Department in response to its latest comment round that closed October 26th that can be downloaded here. However, the Department announced that […]

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October Public Policy Update: Opportunities to Comment on Overtime Pay and Public Charge Criteria

October 16, 2018 David Streeter

With the election just weeks away, there is plenty of action on the public policy front for your organization to consider. Read on to learn more. Index (Scroll Down for the Items) November 14 Public Policy Advisory Call Washington State Overtime Pay Rule Making Federal Public Charge Rule Making Election 2018 Resources Advocacy Tip: Why and How to Comment on Proposed Federal Regulations 2018 Re-Wire Public Policy Conference Registration Discount November 14 Public Policy Advisory Call Washington Nonprofits will be hosting its next Public Policy Advisory Call on November 14, 2018. During the call, we will be discussing key issues […]

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Trump Administration Posts Public Charge Proposal: Comment Before Dec. 10

October 15, 2018 David Streeter

The Trump Administration officially posted its proposed “public charge” rule for public comments. If your nonprofit serves immigrants and/or their families, then this policy issue matters to you. Read on to learn more and how to comment.  Under current laws, certain immigrants are deemed a “public charge” only if they meet a very narrow set of criteria. This allows many non-citizen individuals — and their citizen children and/or relatives — to use support services without jeopardizing their immigration status.  However, the Trump Administration is proposing to expand the “public charge” criteria to include key programs that touch many facets of nonprofit work. The […]

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Overtime Pay Draft Rules Released: Comment By October 26th

October 8, 2018 David Streeter

Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries is engaged in rulemaking intended to expand overtime pay to workers in our state. This afternoon, the department issued its pre-draft overtime pay rules, which are available for review and comment here. Two key items in the draft include: The current draft lists a salary range pegged at 1.5x-3x Washington State’s minimum wage ($37,440 per year-$74,880 per year) as the salary exemption threshold. The Department wants input from employers as to what the salary exemption threshold should be, so be sure to analyze what the different salary levels would mean for your organization. The Department […]