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ACTION ALERT: It’s Not Over Yet – Call Congress ASAP on Tax Reform

December 15, 2017 David Streeter

News reports indicate that a deal on tax reform has been reached in principal, however the details are still being negotiated. Conference Committee members are trying to avoid unnecessary provisions that would make the tax plan more unpopular. Therefore, the nonprofit community needs to emphasize quickly that Section 5201 of the House tax plan is strongly opposed by the general public, nonprofits, and houses of worship. Can you advocate? Yes, you can!! We know that many nonprofits are uncertain about whether they can engage in activities like this. In this case, nonprofit boards, staff, and other supporters can make these calls because […]


December Public Policy Update: Stay Current on Tax Reform; Legislative Session Preview

December 14, 2017 David Streeter

The final few weeks of 2017 have seen a lot of action on issues impacting nonprofit organizations. Below is a brief roundup of the key issues that your organization should be aware of: Stay Up to Date on Federal Tax Reform Over the last several weeks, Washington Nonprofits has been advocating for the nonprofit sector’s interests in the federal tax reform debate. The current House and Senate tax reform proposals have the potential to significantly damage the nonprofit sector due to the projected negative impact on charitable giving. Worse, the House proposal threatens to expose nonprofits to partisan politics by […]


The secret behind the toolkits

December 13, 2017 Nancy Bacon

Ever wonder what goes into developing Washington Nonprofits’ nationally (and internationally!) acclaimed toolkits? We are excited to be participating in Learning • Technology • Design, a virtual conference for people in the business of continuing education and professional development. The conference sets out to find new and better ways to engage learners and create lasting impact through the effective use of technology. Washington Nonprofits sees excellence in adult learning as a key element of nonprofit capacity building. Join us!


Member Spotlight: Treehouse, Setting a BHAG and Achieving It

December 13, 2017 Julia Hunter

We didn’t know how we would do it, we didn’t know how we would fund it, but we knew it was our responsibility. This is a story about a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and a dramatic improvement of high school graduation rates for youth in foster care. Treehouse, a King County nonprofit serving youth in foster care since 1988, recently revolutionized how they serve their community by enacting some bold innovations, resulting in this substantial impact. Jessica Ross, Chief Development Officer at Treehouse, explains how it all began. “Like most big projects, it started with a crisis.” In 2011 […]


2018 Central Washington Conference (Yakima)

December 13, 2017 Nancy Bacon

You care about your mission. You want to survive and thrive and make a difference here and in the world beyond. Yet there are barriers getting in the way of your success. You have to raise funds, rally your board, and recruit volunteers. And often you feel like you are doing this all alone. The Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good creates the space in which nonprofit leaders and volunteers learn, connect, and get inspired. KEYNOTE ADDRESS The New Network Leader: How You Can Grow Your Impact Featuring Jane Wei-Skillern, PhD & Marty Kooistra As you carry out your […]

Action Alerts

ACTION ALERT: Call Our Senators ASAP

December 8, 2017 David Streeter

The time for advocacy is now. The nonprofit sector will be adversely affected by many of the provisions in the tax reform bill currently working its way through Congress, but there is one provision in particular that is extremely concerning and where you have a chance to influence the outcome. Can you advocate? Yes, you can!! We know that many nonprofits are uncertain about whether they can engage in activities like this. In this case, nonprofit boards, staff, and other supporters can make these calls because there is a provision for nonprofit organizations to lobby in cases of self-defense for the organization. Read […]

Action Alerts

ACTION ALERT: Federal Tax Bill Harms Nonprofit Nonpartisanship

December 4, 2017 David Streeter

The House and Senate both passed separate versions of tax reform. The difference between the bills must be negotiated through a conference committee made up of a dozen or more Representatives and Senators who will be named soon. We write asking for your help in convincing all in Congress, and particularly the “tax conferees,” to preserve nonprofit nonpartisanship and to reject any changes to the Johnson Amendment. Each bill contains multiple provisions that would harm the ability of charitable nonprofits to advance our missions. The most damaging is Section 5201 of the House-passed bill; it would radically change the longstanding, […]

Policy Updates

Urgent: Take Action Today to Protect the Work of Nonprofits

November 28, 2017 David Streeter

The U.S. Senate is expected to consider its tax reform proposal very soon, and we need you to call Senators Cantwell and Murray to protect the work of nonprofits. The bills currently under consideration would be devastating for nonprofit organizations. There are many provisions that would send shock waves through the nonprofit sector by reducing philanthropic giving drastically, cutting off a major funding mechanism for affordable housing development, politicizing nonprofits and more. Please take a moment today to call our two Senators and read this script: “I am very concerned about the current tax reform proposal. Experts warn that the tax bill as written […]

Policy Updates

Special Nonprofit Discount for WA Policy Conference

November 21, 2017 David Streeter

Washington Nonprofits is pleased to sponsor this year’s Re-Wire Public Policy Conference on December 12th and offer a 20% registration discount to nonprofits! The Re-Wire Public Policy Conference is a non-partisan, policy agnostic platform for civil, civic discourse on policy, politics, and political economy. Re-Wire’s purpose is to create a gathering, a physical space where the most important policy makers, opinion shapers, nonprofit leaders, and corporate actors can gather to network, discuss solutions, and foster trust. The topical agenda is divided into four tracks: Governing in Washington State, Dialogue on Economic Issues, The Connection Between Culture and Politics, and The Policy Issues Ahead […]

Policy Updates

Analysis Shows Communities Harmed by Tax Reform Proposal

November 17, 2017 David Streeter

A new analysis of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act indicates a wide range of negative effects that would have significant impacts on the ability of charitable nonprofits in Washington State to serve their communities. The analysis, from our partners at the National Council of Nonprofits, highlights the key provisions of both tax reform proposals that are under consideration in Congress. Among the concerns highlighted are the curtailing of the 100-year-old tax incentive for charitable giving, the potential to inject partisan politics into the work of nonprofits, imposition of new taxes on tax-exempt organizations to pay for tax cuts, and increasing the deficit […]