Washington State Reopens

On June 30, Governor Inslee announced the economic reopening of Washington state.  As most businesses return to pre-pandemic capacity and operations, each nonprofit organization will need to make decisions about how to reopen and what if any restrictions to keep in place to ensure safety for employees, clients, and customers. Reopening does not mean that employers no longer have responsibility for following state safety guidelines related to COVID-19. The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries has issued excellent updated summary guidance in its L&I Requirements and Guidance for Preventing COVID-19.  Here are a few highlights that pertain to many […]


Applying an Equity Lens to Washington Nonprofits

The leadership of Washington Nonprofits cares deeply about racial equity and is working to embody our values better within our own organization and support efforts to create a more equitable nonprofit sector.   We recently engaged a consultant to conduct an equity audit of Washington Nonprofits, and our board and staff gathered last Friday to discuss the results.  I’d like to especially thank our partners who took the time to participate in the assessment by providing input via our consultant.  We are grateful for your generosity in helping us learn and grow. At our retreat, we discussed some of the ways […]


Announcing More Amazing Workshops at Washington State Nonprofit Conference

We are pleased to announce our two curated tracks at the Washington State Nonprofit Conference.  This year, we’ll have a track on Strengthening Democracy and a series of Powerful Conversations in addition to all the other amazing offerings you have already heard about. A strong democracy depends on civic engagement and public service.  With participation in civic activities on the decline, nonprofits have a special role to play in developing leaders and encouraging all community members to lift their voices.  This year, we have a series of workshops highlighting our role in organizing our communities, giving them a voice in […]


2018 In Review

January is a time to look back and look ahead.  I’m committed to reflecting with you all, staying informed, and staying nimble to navigate what is ahead.  Here are a few trends to watch: The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is likely to affect charitable giving.  Among other changes, about 25% of middle-income taxpayers will lose the ability to itemize and deduct their charitable giving on their income taxes.  Since nonprofits receive up to 40% of their donations in December, we don’t yet know how big the impact will be.  In addition to watching how overall giving is affected, […]

Executive Director Letters

October Executive Director Letter

Dear Members and Friends, As I write to you this month, I am feeling very lucky. This past month I’ve had numerous opportunities to travel around the state and meet many of our members and partners. It is inspiring to see the great work that is happening and the dedication of so many thoughtful and knowledgeable community leaders. The power of both grassroots and established organizations is illustrated well by two projects I learned about in Vancouver, WA. In one, a small group of dedicated volunteers has created a “Pocket Guide to Street Survival” with practical tips contributed by and […]

Action Alert
Action Alerts

Make Your Voice Heard on Overtime Pay

Dear Washington Nonprofits Members, I wanted to be sure you knew that the U.S. Department of Labor has an open request for information (RFI) on updating the rules for overtime pay. A quick review of the comments submitted so far reveals that less than 100 of the 138,000 comments reference nonprofits. Please participate so that nonprofit voices are heard. Despite a federal judge formally rejecting the Obama Administration’s proposed changes to overtime rules, the Trump Administration is still soliciting feedback from employers on how best to update the overtime rules. We request that your organization respond to the RFI by following these steps: Conduct a […]