ACTION ALERT: Comment on WA Overtime Proposal by 9/6

Washington State’s overtime pay rules are likely to change beginning in 2020. The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) is proposing to raise the overtime salary threshold (the minimum below which employees must be paid overtime for over 40 hours of work in a week) to 2.5x the minimum wage by 2026. This equates to a threshold annual salary of nearly $80,000 once the proposal is fully implemented. We know that this will impact many nonprofits, so L&I needs to hear from you.


L&I is proposing to align our state’s overtime pay threshold with a multiplier of the minimum wage. According to L&I’s proposal, the new salary thresholds would be:

Click here to see a larger version of the salary table.


  1. Watch our webinar on the proposal above and download L&I’s fact sheet.
  2. Analyze the proposal’s impact an organize your comments using this guide.
  3. Write up the results as a letter to L&I, and submit it via email to or fax the document to 360-902-5300.
  4. After you’ve shared your comments with L&I, share the comments with your State Representatives and Senator. Find their information here.

Additional information on the proposal is available on L&I’s engagement website.

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