A map of Washington state with dots representing the thousands of nonprofits, from the Pacific to the Palouse!

Update to the Community

Washington Nonprofits is the statewide association of nonprofits. Washington Nonprofits makes sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed through learning, advocacy, and collaboration. Funders and journalists ask us to comment on how nonprofits are doing and what main issues they are facing. In this update, we summarize what is going on for nonprofits and how Washington Nonprofits is evolving to meet changing needs. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to our members, our funders, and the larger nonprofit community. With so much in flux at this time, we wanted to share an update on our activities now. We […]

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Action Alerts

Action Alert: TWEET STORM – Nonprofits Are Vital To Recovery

Join our Tweet Storm Tomorrow to tell lawmakers that nonprofits are vital Dear Colleague, Congress is actively negotiating the next COVID-19 relief package. We need to speak up for nonprofits. Tell lawmakers that nonprofits are vital to surviving the current crisis and recovering. COVID-19 represents a public health crisis but it is so much more than that. Washington is facing an economic crisis, a housing and homelessness crisis, a food crisis, a community mental health crisis, and more. Every one of our communities are supported by nonprofits. Our families, our neighbors, and so many more will need help as we […]