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Hello Wonderful Supervisor

Hello [WONDERFUL SUPERVISOR], This year we have a lot of exciting work to do. To make sure I have everything I need to succeed, I’d love to attend the upcoming state conference from Washington Nonprofits. The Washington State Nonprofit Conference is the only statewide gathering by and for nonprofit professionals. Participating in the broader nonprofit community is an important investment in my leadership path. The 2020 Washington State Nonprofit Conference will be May 20, 2020, in Bellevue. I’m excited about participating in workshop sessions. They will lead me think deeply about what it will take to move ideas into action. […]

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Action Alert: Don’t Let The Fundraising Tax Exemption Expire!

Unless you want to collect taxes at your next fundraising gala, please take 3 minutes now to support House Bill 1808.  The nonprofit and library fundraising exemption is set to expire this summer. It provides a tax exemption for nonprofit donors who either purchase or win items from nonprofit fundraising events. This exemption is vital for two reasons: It encourages donors to bid generously at fundraising auctions and participate in raffles without the dampening effect of knowing that a sales or use tax will be placed on their contribution. It avoids the administrative burden to nonprofits having to collect and […]