Member Spotlight: Happy Pastures and The Council On Aging & Human Services

This is a story of Skeeter, Hammie, and a place called Happy Pastures. It is also a story about community and how nonprofits weave together services for people in need. Paige Collins serves as the Executive Director of The Council on Aging & Human Services and as the founder of Happy Pastures, a nonprofit livestock rescue based in LaCrosse, WA. As in other places, it’s not unusual for people in Whitman County to serve their community in many ways. Nonprofit volunteers and employees offer a variety of skills that contribute to a thriving community that, though may be spread out […]

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February WA Legislative Session Update

Washington Nonprofits has been hard at work staying on top of the 2019 legislative session. As of writing this, we are coming up on the first major cutoff deadline in the session calendar, in which all bills must clear their original committee or be frozen until next year. Below is a summary of some key items Washington Nonprofits has been working on. Be sure to register for our upcoming Public Policy Advisory Call in March 7th to discuss these items and get the latest policy information. HB 1808- Making the Nonprofit and Library Fundraising Exemption Permanent Washington Nonprofits is supporting HB 1808, […]


What Would It Take? Train the Trainer Continues

I keep a creased and faded flip chart page on my wall. At the top it says, “What Could We Do? What Would It Take?” It comes from a November 2017 event at which we invited consultants and those who train to tell us how Washington can become a leader in nonprofit learning. This is what these participants shared: Require conference speakers to demonstrate best practice Provide a pipeline of learning experiences that teach best practice Empower and equip staff to deliver training  Homegrow (support local people to deliver local trainings) Offer peer circles or affinity groups to get at […]


New e-book on how to design conferences

Hot off the press: “Conferences That Make a Difference,” co-authored by Washington Nonprofits Associate Director, Nancy Bacon! Do you organize an annual conference? Are you looking to deepen the learning that happens at your conference? Want ideas on how to organize activities that help people take action on what they learn?  You are warmly invited to download this free e-book for ideas on how to design a conference that makes a difference. It was written for membership organizations or association staff interested in expanding the learning aspects of your annual conference. The e-book covers four elements of conference design: Strategy […]

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Help Prevent the Next Federal Government Shutdown

The 35-day federal government shutdown caused widespread disruptions in the lives of millions of people. Fortunately, our nonprofits were there to address problems, maintain well-being, and help communities. However, we also understand that the effects of the shutdown will be with us for some time, and many people and organizations will not recover soon.  The threat of another shutdown is very real. Unless federal elected officials can negotiate an agreement by February 15, then the disruptions and harm caused before will be compounded by yet another shutdown.  Washington Nonprofits, in collaboration with organizations across the country, has a very clear […]