Next Steps in Network Leadership

Veni, Vidi, Vici. Eat, Pray, Love. Learn, Connect, Act. Three is a magic number in more than just Schoolhouse Rock. Three is the number of times Washington Nonprofits has created the space to talk about collaboration in Central Washington. At a time when nonprofit leaders are stressed out yet eager to make a difference, we want to make sure they have every resource possible to succeed, including the chance to map a pathway forward in partnership with colleagues across their community. On November 2, teams of nonprofit leaders will come together in Yakima to take action on the key lessons […]


Partial Self-Insurance for Large Nonprofits

  We know you are concerned about insurance. As your state association, we’ve been looking for good options. Washington Nonprofits is proud to announce our partnership with Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. Nonstop is a mission-driven benefit adviser that is changing the way healthcare is delivered to nonprofits in Washington with its partially self-insured health insurance program, Nonstop Wellness. Designed for nonprofits with more than 50 employees on health benefits, Nonstop Wellness provides access to a long-term healthcare solution that reduces annual premium spend while eliminating or reducing out-of-pocket expenses for employees. With Nonstop Wellness, nonprofits in Washington can […]

Policy Updates

Is Your Nonprofit Ready for the 2018 Election?

Election Day is approaching quickly. Is your nonprofit ready? Nonprofit clients are often among the groups least likely to vote, and often feel disconnected from government for many reasons. Engaging them, along with your board and staff, in the election can help bridge that disconnect by helping them understand and feel that they have a voice in our democracy. The easiest item for your nonprofit to do is remind people to vote. Ballots will be mailed out on October 19th, but it’s not too early to start encouraging folks to commit to voting and make a plan for completing their ballot. […]


Member Spotlight: Mid-Columbia Arts Fundraiser – Collaboration Lifts All

If you live in the Mid-Columbia area, you might be looking forward to buying your tickets for the 4th Annual Mid-Columbia Arts Fundraiser. What a great way to support four organizations with one ticket: the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers, Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre, Mid-Columbia Symphony, and Mid-Columbia Ballet. At a time when organizations suffer from event fatigue and express concern about donor competition, these four organizations have come together to create one fundraiser: a multi-talented, arts-packed evening of entertainment around a theme. The 3rd Annual Mid-Columbia Arts Fundraiser brought the “fab four” together for a Beatles themed night, to great acclaim. They raised […]

Public Policy Update
Action Alerts

September Public Policy Update

Summer is officially over, which means the public policy front is heating up again. Below is a round up of public policy issues and action items for your nonprofit to be aware of: Index (Scroll Down for the Items) Raising Nonprofits’ Concerns on Overtime Pay Advocacy Success Story: Local In-Progress Advocacy in Vancouver Advocacy Tip: Celebrate National Voter Registration Day with Your Nonprofit WA State Debate Coalition Announces Dates for U.S. Senate and WA-8th Debates Take Action to Protect the Johnson Amendment Trump Administration Considering Expansion of “Public Charge” Criteria for Immigrants Government Issues Interim Rule and Request for Comments on […]


A Compass to Guide Us

Strategic Washington Nonprofits is excited to unveil our new strategic plan. In the plan, you will recognize our three core program areas—learning, advocacy, and collaboration, as well as our commitment to build a strong organization to better serve nonprofits in Washington. Our plan was created using the SPiN process. We conducted stakeholder outreach via Laura’s Listening Tour last fall, and our board and staff were engaged in updating our mission, creating new vision and equity statements, and developing goals and objectives. As we recommend to others, we balanced our programmatic goals with goals that strengthen our organizational health. Our board […]