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Policy Updates

Urgent: Take Action Today to Protect the Work of Nonprofits

The U.S. Senate is expected to consider its tax reform proposal very soon, and we need you to call Senators Cantwell and Murray to protect the work of nonprofits. The bills currently under consideration would be devastating for nonprofit organizations. There are many provisions that would send shock waves through the nonprofit sector by reducing philanthropic giving drastically, cutting off a major funding mechanism for affordable housing development, politicizing nonprofits and more. Please take a moment today to call our two Senators and read this script: “I am very concerned about the current tax reform proposal. Experts warn that the tax bill as written […]

Policy Updates

Special Nonprofit Discount for WA Policy Conference

Washington Nonprofits is pleased to sponsor this year’s Re-Wire Public Policy Conference on December 12th and offer a 20% registration discount to nonprofits! The Re-Wire Public Policy Conference is a non-partisan, policy agnostic platform for civil, civic discourse on policy, politics, and political economy. Re-Wire’s purpose is to create a gathering, a physical space where the most important policy makers, opinion shapers, nonprofit leaders, and corporate actors can gather to network, discuss solutions, and foster trust. The topical agenda is divided into four tracks: Governing in Washington State, Dialogue on Economic Issues, The Connection Between Culture and Politics, and The Policy Issues Ahead […]

Public Policy Update
Policy Updates

Analysis Shows Communities Harmed by Tax Reform Proposal

A new analysis of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act indicates a wide range of negative effects that would have significant impacts on the ability of charitable nonprofits in Washington State to serve their communities. The analysis, from our partners at the National Council of Nonprofits, highlights the key provisions of both tax reform proposals that are under consideration in Congress. Among the concerns highlighted are the curtailing of the 100-year-old tax incentive for charitable giving, the potential to inject partisan politics into the work of nonprofits, imposition of new taxes on tax-exempt organizations to pay for tax cuts, and increasing the deficit […]


The “M” word

On October 26th, I experienced my first Washington Nonprofits Conference. I picked up a tremendous amount of knowledge and met some great professionals who are currently working to make the Pacific Northwest a better place. I would highly recommend checking out one of these workshops or conferences if you have the chance. I had an amazing opportunity to lead an open space conversation on millennials. To be honest, I was a little nervous to see how it would go. Being a millennial can be disheartening when you’re bombarded with negative stereotypes and misconceptions on a daily basis. If you go […]


It’s Budget Season. Are You Accounting for the Right Things?

The Overhead Myth: The idea that you can reasonably evaluate a nonprofit’s performance and trustworthiness by only looking at how much they spend (or don’t spend) on overhead, including operating costs, administrative expenses and technology costs. No doubt you’ve heard about this, and like many good nonprofit leaders, have done your best to refute it. It’s dubbed a myth for good reason. Yet most nonprofits feel pressured to do as much as possible with as little as possible when it comes to running their organization. The Overhead Myth still exists, and donors still scrutinize nonprofits, wondering what percentage of their […]

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Homes First Talks about Board Development

“Community members, through nonprofits, do what needs to be done to make their community a better place.” Trudy Soucoup joined Homes First as the Executive Director six years ago, and she quickly turned her attention to board development. Homes First owns their property and have paid professional staff, so they do not rely on their board as day-to-day volunteers. She went to work to move their board be more visionary and less hands-on. Board Success Story As a first step in board transformation, Trudy started onboarding new board members who would be a good fit with the direction the organization […]

Guest Blog

4 Best Practices for An Amazing Giving Tuesday

The end (of the fiscal year) is nigh; Giving Tuesday is upon us. Well, not quite. You still have some time to make a great plan for the nationwide giving bonanza that will take place on Tuesday, November 28. Planning a successful giving day isn’t rocket science – but it is a microcosm of many classic principles of fundraising, from online giving to events to capital campaigns. You probably already know all the reasons why you should invest in digital ads on social media platforms, pre-schedule your tweets, and solicit and leverage a matching gift for Giving Tuesday. But there […]

Public Policy Update
Policy Updates

November Public Policy Update

The push to the end of the 2017 calendar year has seen lots of action on public policies impactingnonprofit organizations. Below is a round up of issues for your organization to be aware of. If there are other issues impacting your organization, or you would like to discuss these items further, please feel free to email Washington Nonprofits’ Director of Public Policy and Advocacy David Streeter. Federal Tax Reform: House Bill Could Dramatically Alter Nonprofit Operations, Missions The House Ways and Means Committee advanced its tax reform bill through the committee process. The bill contains two key provisions that could […]

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Action Alerts

ACTION ALERT: Urge a NO Vote on the House Tax Bill And Shape the Senate Bill

This week is a crucial week for tax reform. The House version of the bill cleared the Ways and Means Committee last week and the Senate version is currently being debated in the Senate Finance Committee. Before it’s too late, please take the following actions. 1. Please review the comparison of the two tax reform bills and contact Senator Maria Cantwell at (202) 224-3441 to let her know how tax reform impacts your organization and the people you serve. You can also use the script and tweet below: “I am calling to urge Senator Cantwell to protect charitable giving in the Senate tax […]