Architecture of Action: Connecting conferences with change

Conferences fill ballrooms with people eager for inspiration, who then spill out into workshop rooms where they learn and connect with colleagues. That energy can be like a sugar rush – we reach a high state of excitement imagining how amazing things are going to be when we get home and reinvent. Or maybe that sugar rush-inducing excitement is really anxiety because we realize how far behind we seem to be. Conference season is upon us. The Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good (Yakima) is on April 19, Washington State Nonprofit Conference (Bellevue) on May 17, and the Nonprofit […]

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Meet our new website!

We are excited to offer our new website — thank you for stopping by! Creating a new website challenges any organization to think about who they are and what they are trying to achieve. We had the chance to look through a whole lot of photos from conferences, trainings, advocacy gatherings, and network meetings— which further reminded us about what we do every day. We are firmly anchored in our mission of making sure nonprofits have what they need to achieve. It is clear from our interactions with members and others in our community that our core focus on learning, […]