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Strong regional support for Congress
to take action on behalf of nonprofits

Representing almost 3,000 nonprofits and foundations, Washington Nonprofits joins The Foraker Group, Idaho Nonprofit Center, Montana Nonprofit Association, Nonprofit Association of Oregon, Philanthropy Northwest and Wyoming Nonprofit Network jointly released a letter to the region's Senate delegation urging action on America Gives More Act (H.R. 4719) this September. Here's how you can do the same.


is now open for Inland Northwest Nonprofit Conference. Washington Nonprofits is proud to manage the premiere nonprofit conference in Eastern Washington.

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Join us on October 23, 2014 at the Lincoln Center in Spokane for
Flow: Carving Pathways for Greater Good.  

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Washington Nonprofits has launched a new initiative that provides an innovative new finance training resource to nonprofits and their volunteer board members. Called “Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits”, FUN breaks with traditional nonprofit financial training in providing fun, interactive learning opportunities that work for busy board members. LEARN MORE HERE>

What's Missing? #NPFullCosts 
What’s missing is the understanding that nonprofits delivering services incur “overhead” expenses.  The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued guidance that governments using federal funds will be required to reimburse nonprofits for reasonable indirect costs. Read an article by Rick Cohen of National Council. 

Streamlined process for small organizations
Recently, the IRS streamlined the filling process for small organizations. Check out this article to learn more!” 
 More News and Information

Philanthropy Northwest: Two new publications.
1) "Vision and Voice: The Role of Leadership and Dialogue in Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion"
2)“Philanthropy and the Renewal of Democracy: Is it Time to Step Up Our Game?

We Cannot Afford to Ignore the New Economic Reality.
The 2014 Nonprofit Finance Fund's State of the Sector reveals that nonprofits are adapting to continued difficult financial envrionment. Read More>

More resources in the Statewide Nonprofit Directory! Click Here

Upcoming Events


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9/19: Storytelling for Action: Talking with Policymakers (101) More

9/23: State of Nonprofit Financing  More

9/23: Using Skilled Volunteers More

9/30: An Introduction to Debt and Financing for Nonprofits More

9/30: Recognizing Volunteers More

10/6: Ocean Shores Nonprofit Conference More

10/7: The How and Why of PRIs: A Guide to Program- and Mission-Related Investments More

10/10: The Power of Mission-Centered Grantsmanship: From Good Ideas to Great Grant-Funded Programs More

10/10: Working with Boards: A Conversation About Governance More

10/14: Philanthropic Equity: Bringing Programs to Scale More

10/14: The Email Fundraiser's Toolkit More

10/16: The Overhead Myth: Best Practices in Demonstrating & Evaluation Nonprofit Performance More

10/17: Storytelling for Action: Talking with Policymakers (201) More

10/21: Understanding New Markets Tax Credits More

10/23: Inland Northwest Nonprofit Conference More

10/24: Grants Readiness: The Culture and Practices of Successful Grantseeking Organizations More

10/28: The Emergence of Pay for Success Funding More


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